12 May, 2018

Lavender Adventures on my Mind

2018-05-12T21:53:08+00:00May 12th, 2018|

Lavender evokes a million emotions. It is not just the senses of sight, smell, touch, and taste. Once you have experienced a warm day, the scent of blooming lavender floating on a soft breeze, and the gentle buzzzz of bees [...]

7 Apr, 2018

When Pie is More Than Pie

2018-04-04T02:28:33+00:00April 7th, 2018|

I miss my Grandmother. I miss her soft voice, her eyes that twinkled with mischief, her quiet love. When I'm with family, I bake her Crusty Coconut Pie and she is with me. There is rarely a holiday when this [...]

14 Mar, 2018

Words, Wine, and Spirits in the Hills

2018-03-14T18:23:12+00:00March 14th, 2018|

Of Words and Wine at Messina Hof, Texas Hill Wine Country Wine does more than nourish the body. There are some who would say it does the exact opposite but I have always believed that whatever benefits the [...]

19 Jun, 2017

Measuring Our Differences

2018-02-03T02:19:20+00:00June 19th, 2017|

As we measure and take stock of our differences, it's important that we not make them weapons. The attack on the mosque in London is in the news this morning and it has provoked a response from social media. Retribution [...]

23 May, 2017

Foodie for Life: A Daughter's View

2018-02-03T02:20:04+00:00May 23rd, 2017|

If there is one thing my mom and I share, its our love for cheese. Whenever I reunite with her, one thing is for certain. There will be an assortment of cheese, and maybe a little wine too. I can [...]

16 May, 2017

Song of India Rice

2018-02-03T02:20:19+00:00May 16th, 2017|

SONG OF INDIA RICE Inspired by Frances Moore Lappe’s recipe 1 Tb olive oil 1 Tb curry powder ½ c cashews and raisins 1 onion, diced 1 apple, peeled, cored, and chopped 3 c cooked brown rice and soy grits [...]

14 May, 2017

Mother's Day in Texas

2018-02-03T02:20:48+00:00May 14th, 2017|

The gray is gone. Big sky has returned. There are some chores that can't wait for Mother's Day to pass. I don't mind. Once you've had cancer, even the most menial of chores are meditative. We waited last [...]

7 May, 2017

Rumi.Nations of Life in Texas

2018-02-03T02:20:54+00:00May 7th, 2017|

  [wpvideo eKRR9hmJ] It was beautiful yesterday and today. The strong wind was finally replaced by a gentle breeze -- the kind that soothes and reminds you that the world can be soft. It was hummingbird nectar day again. They [...]

30 Apr, 2017

Food, Glorious Food: A Baby-Boomer Mother's View

2018-02-03T02:21:22+00:00April 30th, 2017|

The first 2 years of my life, my palette was influenced by the Philippines. Mangoes, papayas, guayabano, coconut, and bananas. To this day, I crave those foods. That was the beginning of a very complex journey. Food is as complicated [...]

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