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5Nov, 2017

The Power of Truth Empowers Us All

De-Constructing Worldview|

The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart. - Carlos Santana In preparation for NaNoWriMo 2017 (National and International Novel Writing Month), I made the declaration that I would not put a single drop of alcohol to [...]

20Jun, 2017

Can Consciousness Save Us?

De-Constructing Worldview|

Should we care about artificial intelligence, AI? As someone pointed out to me, it's doubtful it will really replace drivers because a computer cannot make the same type of judgments. If a situation occurred in which a driverless car had [...]

19Jun, 2017

Measuring Our Differences

De-Constructing Worldview|

As we measure and take stock of our differences, it's important that we not make them weapons. The attack on the mosque in London is in the news this morning and it has provoked a response from social media. Retribution [...]

30May, 2017

Small Moments

Quest for Transcendence|

Last night, I faced west and watched the sun fade. Most nights, I am awed by the beauty of the impending night. The sky a burst of color, I grabbed my camera and took a series of pictures, but a [...]

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