1Oct, 2019

Writing About Existential Questions and Radical Hope

Writing books is always thought provoking. The human condition does not easily lend itself to words. I have been missing in action. MIA. Sidelined by research, writing, and editing. Novel #2—the first in a trilogy—is done for now. A speculative [...]

4Nov, 2018

The Hills of Heroes: Vercingetorix

The Massif Central. An ancient landscape. To stand in its embrace is to experience the soul of France. In its heart, the Chaine des Puys is a line of 80 dormant volcanoes that run along a north-south axis. The capital [...]

11Sep, 2018

The 5 Stages of Fear and Lessons from 9/11

Fear. As a profound sufferer from migraines, I've always known the brain is complicated. Just ask my list of doctors who resorted to the eenie-meenie-minie-moe method to try to prevent them and, when that didn't work, treat them. So, it [...]

2Sep, 2018

Writing Inspiration–Love in Life

Each day is a gift of a new beginning. A gift of life. A chance to love. We are each on our own journey. We cannot direct that of another, but where we intersect, there is the story of community. [...]

28Aug, 2018

5 Reasons We Tell Stories

We tell ourselves stories in order to live.--Joan Didion Stories. It has now been a couple of months since Entangled Moon was published. Between marketing, attending writing conferences, working on my second book(s), and enjoying summer activities with family and [...]

20Jun, 2018

5 Books that Inspired Me to Write Suspense Thrillers

In May, I had the opportunity to post about the 5 books that inspired me to write my coming-of-age suspense thriller. It sounds easy. Or at least, it sounds like it should be easy. In fact, picking the 100 books [...]

12Jun, 2018

Entangled Moon Characters

Relationships can get complicated. Here is a list of the characters who really matter or who help drive the plot in Entangled Moon. Feel free to print this off and refer to it when things get...well, entangled: Heather Collings--protagonist and [...]

11Jun, 2018

Mariah’s Entangled Memories and DAPL

She had been walking between two worlds most of her life. Like DAPL criss-crossing worlds as if they did not exist. It was her Mom who first told her how to travel in between. That conversation was perma-inked into her [...]

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