The sky was crisp and clear this morning — and chilly. 42 degrees to be exact. Needing to get to work early, I could only wait so long to water the plants. I hurried … a count of 20 only for each plant and then I hit the shower. A warm one.

Today was warm though. A high pressure system has moved in over the state of Texas and it was 85 degrees. Tomorrow may be around 90. It’s hard to believe a nasty cold front with severe weather only just moved through. Another is supposed to come through Thursday with the inevitable severe spring weather.

After work, I swam in the pool. Really? After a freezing morning. Stella joined us, but she’s impervious to the cold anyway. She used to make snow angels in the 2 feet of snow.


The truth is, it’s hard to understand how anyone can think things are normal. Spring has always been volatile, but the record warmth and the bizarre yo-yoing has to be some sort of alarm. Doesn’t it?