I woke this morning to high hot winds, weird clouds, and 50% chance of high winds and hail with severe thunderstorms. Wind we definitely had.


I would love to dial into those who say there are no issues with climate. Who am I but a peon?

The first order of the day was feeding the dogs and my java java java. This morning, I’m drinking with my friend Suzy Toronto whose art I first adored many years ago before you could buy her stuff in retail outlets. I often go to an art fair along the beach in Florida which is where I first met her. Sharing a cancer connection, her art and words have resonated with me for years. Her world of Wonderful Wacky Women is a real touchstone for me.

IMG_0216 8

Once the dogs were fed, I had my first cup of coffee, and I read the local paper for the incredible going-ons in our cultural and active town. I headed out to make sure the dogs were not consuming the remainder of my carrot crop.

I was in luck today.

They were more interested in the cows and the pool. If I didn’t mention, there’s magic down in the depths of my pool. The dogs find it enchanting.


Otherwise, they are content to tease the cows or just stare at them.


I couldn’t capture Mac as he chased the cows around from inside the fence. The four young cows sniffed up close driving him crazy, but ultimately, the adults moved on and the babies with them. On the other side of the property, they again laid down. The weather is fierce today.

Even off our hill and down at work (the lowlands of town), the wind howled.

By 7:30 p.m., we still did not have rain or thunderstorms, but we had wind to wake a banshee.