Birds chirping and a ray of sunshine piercing through my carefully drawn shades. Spring is here, finally.

For me, it is where it all begins. Where I am finally free to daydream, to travel, to experience new things. I am alive. A free soul. I see spring as a time for change. It is a time to shed that winter coat, that cumbersome object that kept me protected and safe for so many months. Winter is special in its own way, but nothing is like spring. It is a promise for what is to come.

As I walk and look around, flowers begin to bloom, grass begins to peak out of its hiding place. Everything is more lively and new, full of energy. I live for the smell of freshly cut grass, bare feet in the sand, warm days and cool nights.

I think springtime is different for everyone. It promises us all something different. For me, it is bliss. It is my time to thrive and open myself up to nature and just be. When I was younger, spring meant watching my mom tend to her garden while my dogs playfully chased each other around the yard. She would always point at her freshly blooming flowers and say, “Look! They are blooming. Aren’t they beautiful?” Every year.

As things constantly change, whether good or bad, spring stays the same. Spring always comes back and promises months of warmth and happiness.

Hello my beautiful friend, I’ve missed you.