Point of View and Worldview are complex. We are born with our genes to help guide our way, but they are no more than a floor on which to stand. Events mold and shape us as the world evolves, but even our experiences are not the walls that confine us. We are “actors on the stage” we share with each other. Point of View and Worldview are singular and personal, but they are also peppered with generational and cultural perspectives. They are the weaving of our diversity.

In a world that is being shape-shifted faster than we can acclimate, it is important to remember who we are and what it is to live in this moment.

It is a moment when we most need stories to help us navigate. Stories are our birthright. They led us out of the woods and they will lead us through our own creations – the age of Artificial Intelligence and Information Augmentation. As we approach digital “flows” that happen at the speed of light, the world around us changes.

We need pause and reflection to understand. And we need to value each others’ points of view and worldviews. We are interconnected and interdependent. It’s just plain science.